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Our garage boasts sleek black rubber tiles that seamlessly clip together, eliminating the need for adhesive. Simply snap them into place, effortlessly aligning with your garage’s layout. As a company specializing in garage flooring solutions, we offer professional installation services, ensuring your garage floor is expertly fitted. Crafted from high-quality rubber, these tiles are built to endure heavy traffic, weight, and pressure with ease

Garage Flooring in George

Garage floor tiles

Discover the perfect blend of style and durability with our PVC floor tiles, an interlocking solution designed to elevate any space. Our Sustainably Driven Multi-Lock Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles offer not only aesthetic appeal but also environmental consciousness, being 100% recyclable. Crafted to marry luxury with functionality, these versatile tiles, also known as rubber mats, are engineered for enduring performance.

Constructed from flexible PVC, our Multi-Lock Interlocking Tiles seamlessly fit together like pieces of a puzzle, facilitating hassle-free installation. Whether you’re laying them over hard carpets, tiles, concrete, or wooden surfaces, these tiles adapt effortlessly, provided the sub-floor is relatively level and sturdy.

Garage black tile flooring for sale in george and mossel bay

Garage floor supply & installation

Garage black tile flooring for sale in george and mossel bay

Garage floor supply & installation

Garage black tile flooring for sale in george and mossel bay

Garage floor supply & installation

Garage black tile flooring for sale in george and mossel bay

Garage floor supply & installation

Black Garage Tiles

Highly functional and versatile the Multi-Lock Interlocking Tiles can strong arm any other DIY product and still walk away with the title! Made from flexible PVC, these tiles simply clip into one another like puzzle pieces, making it really quick and easy to install, and as if that wasn’t enough, these tiles require minimal sub-floor preparation. Multi-Lock interlocking tiles can be installed over hard carpets, tiles, concrete, wooden surfaces and over contaminated or moisture problem areas and they can be reused and recycled. Ideally suited to retail stores, health clubs, spinning zones, showrooms, store rooms offices, schools and kids play areas. Adhesive is not required for installation, however in high traffic area, it is advisable to stick the tiles down. NEW to our range and adding another alternative, is Duck Board.

  • Material: Black PVC
  • Size: 500 x 500mm
  • Thickness: 5.00mm (including Medallion)
  • Tile Mass: 5.2kg/m²
  • Accessories: Multi-Lock Edging Strip – 580 x 50mm
  • Available Colours: Full colour range available on request
  • Key Features: Flame resistant / Abrasion resistant / Chemical resistant / Stain resistant / Slip resistant / Easy to clean and maintain / Excellent thermal and acoustic characteristics

4 Benefits of the Interlocking Garage Tiles

4 Benefits of the Interlocking Garage Tiles

Thanks to their sustainable and durable design, interlocking tiles are all of the rage today. Their popularity has grown in various sectors, including commercial and industrial properties, warehouses, and stores. It’s fairly obvious that the benefits of the interlocking tiles go beyond aesthetics.In this article, we will discuss interlocking tiles and how they can benefit you in different conditions. Let’s begin!

Benefits of Garage Interlocking Tiles

There are several benefits of interlocking tiles you should know about;

  1. Easy Installation

One of the main benefits of interlocking garage tiles is that they’re quick and easy to install. Interlocking floor tiles are incredibly user-friendly and can be easily handled, even without professional guidance. Moreover, no adhesive, screed, or glue is required. All you need to do is line them together and tap them into place. The best part is that these Garage tiles can be installed on damaged floors. This means there’s no need for prior extensive repairs of your floors.

  1. Load Bearing Capacity

Load-bearing capacity refers to the maximum weight a floor can support without breaking or deforming. Interlocking tiles excel in this regard, possessing higher load-bearing capacities than standard concrete slabs. You can confidently set them in places with heavy foot traffic and machinery. They’ll be able to handle heavy loads without wear or damage, ensuring a stable and safe surface.

Furthermore, these garage tiles also help protect the floor underneath it from being damaged as well. So, if you want to keep your floors in good condition for a long time, these durable tiles are a great choice.

  1. Easy to Maintain

One of the major benefits of the interlocking garage tiles is that they’re very easy to maintain. They don’t require any modern machines or tools for maintenance. Instead, a simple sweep or mopping from the scrubber dryer machine is enough to clean interlocked tiles. Additionally, replacing a damaged interlocked tile is just as easy. You can simply remove it for a new one without having to disrupt the rest of the flooring. Ultimately, all these qualities make maintaining interlocking tiles a quick and comfortable task.

  1. Recyclable and Environmental Impact

Due to the materials used to create them, like rubber, foam, or plastic, interlocking tiles are fully recyclable. They can be repurposed and reused even after damage, making them a sustainable flooring option.

This is why interlocking tiles have further proved to be environmentally friendly. Recycling interlocking tiles reduces the need for new raw materials and piling up waste. This is especially important since South Africa produces more than 50 million tonnes of general waste each year.


There are many benefits of interlocking tiles, making them a highly practical flooring choice. Their easy installation and maintenance highlight their efficiency. Additionally, their recyclability and minimal environmental impact make them ideal for environmentally conscious consumers.With these benefits in mind, don’t think twice before installing these easy-to-handle tiles for your particular needs. We have the most refined version of interlocking tiles with a multi-lock mechanism which offers better grip with minimal sub-floor preparation.

Unveiling Garage Interlocking Tiles: Your Ultimate Flooring Solution

Garage interlocking tiles revolutionize flooring with their ingenious design. Unlike traditional methods that require gluing or nailing, these tiles seamlessly connect via a locking mechanism. Picture a puzzle coming together, effortlessly creating a unified and flawless surface.

Crafted from versatile materials such as rubber, foam, and plastics, these tiles offer a plethora of styles and functionalities. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial spaces, they adapt seamlessly, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal

Our garage floor is black rubber tiles that clip in. You don’t have to use glue, just clip it in and align it with the garage layout. Our company supply garage flooring option and we do garage floor installation on your behalf. The rubber garage floor tiles is high quality and can withstand a lot of traffic, wight and pressure